The GBR (Good Buddies Radio) wants to host a Science Friday on the radio. Since symbiotic relationships are examples of how “good buddies” interact in nature, then the GBR is looking for scientists to submit a podcast that could possibly be featured on the Science Friday broadcast. The podcast must be at least one minute long, include an introduction and a closing, introduce all the “characters” in the radio show, explain about each organism individually – mentioning any behavioral or physical adaptations that make that organism live more successfully, and explain how the two organisms interact in that particular symbiotic relationship.

Content Standard Met:

Life Science, Indicator 2: Investigate how organisms or populations may interact with one another through symbiotic relationships and how some species have become so adapted to each other that neither could survive without the other (e.g., predator-prey, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism).

Technology Used:

  • Audacity software (free to download)
  • Logitech podcasting headsets
  • - royalty-free music for backgrounds
  • Blackboard for listing appropriate research websites.


Good Buddies Podcasting Outline.pdf
Good Buddies Podcasting Rubric.pdf

Student Examples:

Parasitism - Ticks and Moose
Commensalism - Sharks and Remora
Mutualism - Rhino and Oxpecker