Sample Math Lessons With A SMART Board

*Note: To open the documents you must have the SMART Notebook system on your computer.

Summative Test (Short Cycle Assessment):The document below was our Short Cycle Assessment. We used this as a Problem of the Day for each question on the SMART Board.

The document below is a review sheet for the "November Test", which is one of our monthly tests. We used the "Random Name Generator" to call students up to the SMART Board to work out the problems on this review sheet.

Summative Test (November Test): Once the students took the November Test and got their scores, we discussed the test using the SMART Board. Again, the "Random Name Generator" was used to call students to the board to work out the problems. The document is below.

Lesson on the Number Sense Indicator used in Math class: The document is below.

Formative Assessment: The document below is a formative assessment used in the classroom. It is called an OAA worksheet. Each problem covers indicators we are teaching in class. We give the students a worksheet on Monday to complete by Thursday. We go over the worksheet on Thursday and the students take a similar OAA quiz on Friday. Once the quizzes are handed back, we go over the quiz using the SMART Board.

Sample Math Formative Assessment With SMART Response System (AKA Clickers)

*Note: To open the documents you must have the SMART Notebook system on your computer.

The following is a Formative Assessment used in our Math class. It was given using the SMART Response System.

Math Screencasts

*Math Screencasts were designed to help students review for their quizzes.

OAA Worksheets

OAA 4 Problems 1,2,3
OAA 4 Problems 4,5
OAA 9 Problems 1,2,3,4
OAA 9 Problem 5

Word of the Day (WOD)- Vocabulary Quiz Review

WOD's 31-45
WOD's 46-60
WOD's 76-90 (Recorded by a student)

Web 2.0 Tools and Lessons

Fun and Sun Rent-A-Car Lesson

Creating Math Stories PBL

Objective: Students will create a story book detailing a set of math vocabulary or concepts, explaining the vocabulary or concepts as the story progresses.