7th Grade Social Studies with Technology Integration

Through the Glencoe/McGraw-Hill company, students have access to an online textbook feature that includes chapter overviews, extension activities, and self-check quizzes among other valuable resources.
Online-Text book:
Social Studies Lessons

Egypt Powerpoint-

Students created a Powerpoint as a culminating activity to their studies of Ancient Egypt.
Content Standard: History- Early Civilizations:
2. Describe the enduring impact of early civilizations in India, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome after 1000 B.C. including:
a. The development of concepts of government and citizenship;
b. Scientific and cultural advancements;
c. The spread of religions;
d. Slavery and systems of labor.

Student Examples-

Reporting on the Causes of the American Revolution

2011 Model Curriculum: PK-12 Social Studies Grade Eight
Content Statements:
1. Primary and secondary sources are used to examine events frommultiple perspectives and to present and defend a position.
5.The ideas of the Enlightenment and dissasatisfaction with colonial rule led English colonists to write the Decalaration of Indepedence and launch the American Revolution.
6.The outcome of the American Revolution was national Independence and new political, social, and economic relationships for the American people.
Lesson Objectives:
1.Students will learn about the causes of the American Revolution.2. Students will take the position of an American Patriot or King George III and report on the event/Cause of the American Revolution by radio broadcast via podcast, televised broadcast via flipcam, or newspaper report via publisher.3. Students will present to the class their news reports.
Introduction Time required:
2-3 class periods

Intro Lesson Resources:

Project Time Required:
4-5 Class Periods
Lesson Resources:

Civil War PBL Project
Civil War Google Site- Students will collaborate to create a website for the local Historical Society that will highlight the impact of the Civil War on our local community