You and your partner(s) are scientists working for the Trans World Expedition Travel Company. Your boss has asked you to visit and research a specific biome. You and your partner(s) must compile certain information about your assigned biome into a resource that the explorers can use to help them plan their journeys. Your findings will help the Trans World Expedition Travel Company decide which resources should be provided to their explorers. Be prepared when presenting – the explorers get bonus supplies for testing your knowledge and asking questions!

Content Standard Met:

ESS – 8: Describe how temperature and precipitation determine climatic zones (biomes) (e.g., desert, grasslands, forests, tundras, and alpine)


Biome Project Instruction Page - Trans World Expedition Version.pdf
Graphic Organizer Rubric - Trans World Biome Project.pdf
Team Operating Agreement - Biomes.pdf
Trans World Expedition Entry Event.wmv

Student Examples:

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