"What's For Lunch Circleville?"

Project Based Learning Unit Plan

Project Overview:

In response to the letter to the editor by Mr. Joe Pumpkin, our students are going to investigate local restaurants to determine which one offers the most versatile eating choices, sanitary dining environment, and most cost efficient for a family on a budget. As Mr. Pumpkin stated in his letter, “there is a need for information about our local dining establishments that is readily available to the citizens of Circleville.”

Acting as restaurant critics, the student-experts will evaluate each restaurant against set criteria to make their determination. Students will tour the restaurants, interview members of their school community (teachers/support staff/administration), and integrate technology to come up with a well-rounded critique of the restaurant they were assigned to critique.

The culminating activity for this project is to visit the local restaurant that receives the best critique for lunch. Students will apply their knowledge of proper dining etiquette, choosing a meal within their budget, and determining final cost including tip.

Project plan:PBL Project planning forms.doc

Ohio Academic Content Standards covered in this project: Content Standards covered during project.docx

Attachment to plan (Letter to the Editor): Joe Pumpkin Letter to the Editor.docx